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ME Milestone Projects in recent years include:

Stakeholder Survey

M E undertook a web-based stakeholder survey on behalf of the Tourism, Hospitality and Sport Education Training Authority (“THETA”) in 2009. 

Western Cape Youth Commission – Legacy Report

M E drafted a “Legacy Report” for the Western Cape Youth Commission in order to assist the Commission in developing a record of its work during the past three years. The report captures the Commission’s measurable achievements, and encapsulates the lived experience of Commissioners through a detailed interview process. The project was completed in May 2009.

Independent Panel for the Assessment of Parliament

In 2007 M E was appointed to provide research services to an Independent Panel for the Assessment of Parliament.  The work of the Panel emanated out of the African Peer Review Mechanism review of South Africa.  In order to provide a more detailed assessment of the degree to which Parliament is fulfilling its constitutional mandate, an independent panel was appointed to conduct a review of Parliament.  The panel was chaired by noted gender activist and former Member of Parliament Pregs Govender.  The work of the panel was completed in December 2008 and the final report of the panel was submitted to Parliament in January 2009.

Parliamentary Millennium Programme

As Parliament’s primary nation-building project, the Parliamentary Millennium Programme conceptualises, plans and implements creative projects that speak to heritage and identity issues in South Africa and Africa. M E provides the Programme with content management services which include research and drafting of project concepts and plans, as well as project coordination of their creative products. Our service history with the PMP goes back four years, and is testament to the quality of our services.

Northern Cape Youth Commission

The Northern Cape Youth Commission contracted M E to assist in the drafting of a three year Strategic Implementation Youth Development Plan. This involved consolidating research from the Commission’s strategic documents, as well as information gathered from the province wide imbizos and ‘bosberade’. In-depth interviews were also done with representatives from various youth structure, as well as the Departments charged with implementing youth policy in the province. This ensured that the strategy remained relevant to the needs of young people in the province, and at the same time that it took into cognizance the realities of policy implementation. This project will be completed in 2009.

Western Cape Land Claims Commission

In 2007 M E was appointed by the Western Cape Land Claims Commission to undertake a data verification process aimed at ensuring that the Commission has access to reliable and accurate statistics regarding the claims under their jurisdiction. The project entailed the classification of over 12 000 hard copy claim files, the development of an electronic database system, and the recording of claim information in the database system.

Parliamentary Task Team on Oversight and Accountability

In the development of an Oversight Model for Parliament, M E assisted the Task Team on Oversight and Accountability, with the research and drafting of this document. Two M E Senior Researchers were extensively involved in the process, as well as three of our researchers. The drafting involved an extensive consultative process including detailed interviews with the Constitutional Negotiators involved in the drafting of the South African Constitution. Over a period spanning two years from 2005 – 2007 the Oversight Model received input from various structures within Parliament, including the Members of the National Assembly and the National Council of Provinces, the Chief Whips Forum, Secretariats of both Houses, and Party Causes.

Protocol Services

M E provided protocol services during the 118th Annual Meeting of the IPU in April of 2008. This included the provision of trained staff, as well as experienced senior protocol officers who directed our team of protocol officers, ensuring service of the highest standard. Other successful events to which we provided services include the May 2006 International Conference hosted by the South African Parliament themed “Women and the Economic Recovery of Africa”, as well as the 21st Plenary of the SADC Parliamentary Forum held in Johannesburg in November 2006.